Our roasted and ground brewing cocoa is crafted to brew just like coffee, offering a familiar routine with a chocolatey (and less jittery) twist!

Cacao is chock full of theobromine, a more subtle and longer lasting stimulant than caffeine, making a brewed 'cup-a-cao' a great decaf alternative to coffee! Or as we say around here, "LESS JOLT, MORE JOY!"

You can easily use your favorite brewing methods like a french press or a traditional coffee maker to whip up a cup.

And for those coffee lovers out there, mixing some scoops of brewing cocoa into your coffee grounds will give you the most natural mocha you've ever tasted!

Check out our brewing guide for various ways to create and enjoy your perfect 'cup-a-cao.'


Our brewing cocoa can easily become baking and cooking cocoa and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen!

Mix it into smoothies for a chocolatey superfood addition. Sprinkle it over oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream. It even works great in chili or in a steak rub! We encourage you to get creative with it!

We're big fans of the dessert varieties. Check out our Chocolate Chip Cacao Cookies and our No Bake 'CaPow' Balls (pictured here) over on our RECIPE page!


When you enjoy a 'cup-a-cao,' your taste buds are experiencing the end result of one of the world's most remarkable culinary journeys: chocolate's origin story.

It all starts with the fruit that hangs from the Theobroma Cacao tree: the cacao pod. This is where the chocolate you know and love is born.

From there, our raw cacao beans are delicately roasted and meticulously ground, resulting in a creation that is then ready to be brewed and experienced.


Our cacao is USDA Organic + Transparent Trade certified.

We are committed to organic farming practices and Transparent Trade when sourcing our cacao, which ensures fairness and clarity at every stage of the supply chain. Paying above-market prices to trusted farmers promotes sustainable livelihoods and community growth.

Transparent Trade is central to our operations, highlighting the journey from pod to palette and bean to brew. It upholds the dignity of labor and sustainability of farming, ensuring that every cup or baked good we enjoy also supports the well-being of the farmers who grow our cacao.