Brewing Cocoa - Original Roast

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Meet your new go-to brew: Understory Cacao's Original Roast Brewing Cocoa.

  • 100% Pure Cacao

  • Transparent Trade Certified 

  • Certified Organic 

  • Medium Roast

  • Small Batch Roasted & Ground

  • Origin: Guatemala 

  • Flavor Notes: Chocolate Cookie, Dried Banana & Walnut
  • Ingredients: Cacao (Cocoa) Beans, Roasted and Ground.

Our Original Roast Brewing Cocoa is a medium roasted ground cacao made from organic cacao beans sourced from the heart of the Cahabón region of Guatemala where the Theobroma Cacao trees grow in the nutrient rich jungled hills of the Cahabón River. 

Nutty, rich, and full of flavor. Get ready to make your mornings a little more original with this exceptional brew!

  • See our BREWING GUIDE on all the ways to brew your own delicious 'cup-a-cao!'
  • See our RECIPES page for how Understory Brewing Cacao can be used for more than just brewing!
  • See our CACAO 101 page if you're curious to learn more about what brewing cacao, and cacao in general, is all about!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jen Bly, Canalside Owner
Great product from Understory Cacao!

I ordered 10 bags for my shop and only a few remain - I'll be reordering soon. It is wonderful to have this product, super locally made, and at such high quality it easily rivals another non-local brand that I have used for years. Personally, I have switched and this is my go to drink ritual now in the morning. With no caffeine, it is fair game any time of the day! I would love to see a bulk package option, maybe 24-36oz? Thank you for making this product available to us!

Melody Keener
Local Cacoa Guy

I’ve been looking to purchase cacoa to replace my coffee and was happy to find that Understory is here in my neighborhood! This is so good! Made an infusion with plant milk cinnamon cayenne pepper and rose petals. Added to the cacoa and topped with whip cream and more petals. This was a special treat for me for Valentine’s Day. ❤️ Will definitely be buying again!

Mike Burke
Great product with a great taste!

I received my first order of Original Roast and mixed it with my usual coffee brew. It added a really nice flavor and I was able to replace my usual creamer with the cacao. I'll be using this more and more as a coffee substitute and am excited to try out the other recipes!

Heather Fields
Great experience! Product and service were excellent

My first time ordering was fantastic. The Cacao is delish and the communications were friendly and fast. Highly recommend! (Also appreciated the tips that came with my package) Well done Understory!